MobiPHYS is a web application that allows a Rehabilitation Exercise Practitioner to access an exercise database and create exercise programmes according to the specific needs of their client/patient.

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The client/patient has access to all the exercises from his phone and also gets a series of prompts and reminders as well as recording his activity and progress.

The system goes further and acts as a CRM tool, recording interactions and enabling two way communication between the practitioner and the client/patient.

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How does it work for your client/patient?

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    First time users can Sign up to enjoy 1 month FREE access to mobiPHYS

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    Simply register your practice and follow the login instructions to access mobiPHYS

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    Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours with your practice login details.

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    Start creating customised rehabilitation exercise programs for your client/patient on your confidential practice profile on mobiPHYS

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